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Countdown to Crufts..

UpdatesPosted by Susanne 21 Feb, 2010 20:08:08

Two weeks today untill Monica, me and Moby & Milla start our trip to Birmingham and Crufts 2010.

So much to do before that - but at least it'll keep me busy...

First of all - NEW CAR on Wednesday (or maybe Thursday). It's always fun with new toys - and cars are the biggest, right? A couple of things to do before then, of course.. Most involving removing "stuff" from my old one. Amazing how much one leave in a car... You only notice it when you're starting cleaning it up, though...

Cages, maps, papers, ice scrapes, brushes, CD's, stuffed toys, extra gloves, blankets, dog gages, luggage strops/bands, etc, etc.. How much do I want to just move over to the other one? What to remember to bring when I leave my car there - summer tires, reciept for last services, info for the CD-player, etc, etc..

At least: a new car = ultimate carcleaning!

On Friday my workplace has been invited to a trip to Paris for the weekend. So of course I said yes to this. Really looking forward to it - but at the same time I do feel that my head is everywere else than just there - that weekend... But it's been years and years since I saw Paris, so I'm sure it'll be a good break from all my Crufts-planning, anyway. And with four of "our" trottinghorses there showing the trotting horse breed (cold blooded trotting horse) - I'm sure it'll be an enjoyable event seeing them at the world famous trotting field Vincennes.

Moby was just one big ungroomed, dirty "mat" of coat before this weekend. Don't know why, as there wasn't THAT long ago I groomed him last.. But I guess he is just trying to get into his most formidable coat before Crufts - right? Anyway - him being grommed and fabulous looking now - then Milla is due for a good groom. I plan to do my very best on the grooming-front with them the week before we leave for Crufts, and then again the day before the show. I hope that will give me shining and beautiful coats on Crufts. (But really struggling with NOT trimming their feet right now... They look like they have slippers on...)


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