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On our way!

UpdatesPosted by Susanne 09 Mar, 2010 08:53:08

Off and away - we're on the road now. A day-to-day blog is on my homepage (Up close and Personal-plage, and click on the Crufts logo).

The car has behaved perfectly - and even if the roads are dry, we still see a little snow and ice on the smaller roads here (through Germany/Netherlands/Belgium so far), so having the winter tyres on, and 4 wd, probably aren't that silly...

Read on the news that Barcelona had snow today... So who knows what will happen with the weather from now on.

I've also cut my hair! And yes, really, really cut it off... Short hair again now, and it feels SO nice, albeit a little cold and drafty, though.

But easy to maintain and really just "live with" than that long...


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